6 reasons why cycling is better than driving

At Business Bikes, there’s no denying that we love bikes, but there a number of reasons why you should love them as much as we do too. Want to know why cycling is better than driving? Well, here you go…


One of the best reasons why you should cycle more and drive less is the fact that bikes are in no way detrimental to the environment. Cars are a major source of the pollution that contributes to the environmental problems that we have today. By simply cycling to work instead of driving, you would be helping to reduce the amount of pollution, as well as reduce the amount of oil and gas used among various other benefits…


Not only will you be benefiting the environment, but you’ll be benefiting yourself directly too. Cycling is a great form of exercise which means replacing your drive time with cycle time will be fantastic for your health and getting you into shape. Cycling is particularly good for shaping your body, especially your thighs and bum. You could even cancel that gym membership!


Even if you don’t fancy cancelling the gym membership just yet, you’ll still be saving lots of money. For one, think of the petrol money! You might even find that you don’t need a car anymore; that will save you from paying out on insurance, road tax and the car itself. You can put it all aside for something else – a brand new bike, perhaps?


Choosing to cycle to work provides you with the great benefit of being able to see your town in all its glory; something you don’t get to do through a car window and travelling high speeds down a dual carriageway. Plus, once you’ve built up your fitness, you can cover longer distances on your bicycle, and be able to see and experience much more.


If you’re not in a car, it means you don’t have to suffer traffic. That’s got to be a huge plus point to cycling, doesn’t it? Whilst all of those drivers are sitting bored in their car, waiting for the taxi driver to stop arguing with another taxi driver, you can swiftly cycle past it all, getting to your destination a lot faster.  You’ll never be late for work again.


When you finally get where you want to be, whether that’s work or a little trip to town on a Saturday, the last thing you want to be doing is battling it out for a parking spot, yet it just always happens. With bikes, you can say goodbye to the evil stares of the guy in the car opposite you when you both spot the same space. You don’t even have to pay!