6 things the Netherlands are known for

Whilst the Netherlands may be a small country, it’s packed full of world famous associations. Given the first one we’re going to mention, you might see why we’re excited by it

Bikes: Yep, you guessed it – the Netherlands is famous for bikes! It’s the ultimate cycling city with flat landscapes, a mild climate and short distances. The Dutch cycle everywhere, and we don’t blame them. If you ever visit anywhere in the Netherlands, make sure that you hire out bikes for at least a day.

Windmills: Holland and windmills go hand in hand. They are a characteristic of the Dutch landscape and a symbol of the Dutch struggle with water and flooding, and so have become greatly associated with the country as a whole.

Tulips: This beautiful flower has come to be a loved symbol of the country, with many tourists visiting just to see the bright-coloured flower and the breathtaking view over the bulb fields. If you’re looking to see this beauty for yourself, head over to Holland during spring time when the tulips are blossoming.

Wooden shoes: It’s not uncommon for people to think of clogs when they are asked about Holland, and whilst the Dutch don’t wear these all day, every day anymore, wooden shoes still hold a great association with the country. They make fantastic souvenirs, too.

Bridges: Thanks to the huge number of canals in the country, Holland has become famous for its bridges. With particular mention to the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, bridges there have become a spectacle that many visitors travel to see.

Cheese: There’s no denying the amount of love the Dutch have for cheese – and don’t we all? This cheesy love affair has been going on for a long time too with it being proven that cheese was already being made on Dutch soil over thousands of years ago. Impressive, right?