BusinessBikes pay for themselves at rate of £25-£80 per month, per bicycle!

During a six month pilot conducted by Transport for London with employers in South London, the average estimated savings to an organisation owning a pool of bicycles was estimated to be between £25 and £80 per month, per bicycle. The bottom of this range, £25 per month, represents a 75% return on investment (ROI) within the first 12 months!
Time savings, convenience and a reduction in local travel fares were the main drivers of the ROI. For organisations situated in congested areas, with a high frequency of local travel or a poor public transport network, particularly when taxis were used for short trips, this ROI increased more than threefold.
The cost savings generated were used to offset the initial cost of introducing the pool of bikes within a relatively short space of time and even provided a positive return within the six month period in some cases.
The pilot itself looked only at those organisations with a pool of non-branded bikes. Their return on investment was achieved even without consideration of the secondary benefits of branding and brand association, offered by a Business Bike.