Thailand land purchase with a Thai nationwide hitched to a foreigner

Foreigners can not possess land in Thailand, but the Land Registry allows a Thai national hitched up to a foreigner to own land after a joint statement along with his or her international partner or evidence that the funds expended regarding the land/ property is individual home associated with Thai spouse (read up in the procedure). This effortlessly ensures that the land (as well as in practice often land and house and perhaps condominium) is purchased being a individual property regarding the Thai partner and never a marital and jointly owned home between wife and husband (Sin Somros). The international partner has consequently no claim to your property therefore the Thai partner has got the directly to sell, home loan, transfer or trade the home without permission for the international partner

Management during marriage of a real-estate owned by the Thai partner

Just immovable home this is certainly jointly owned because of the partners must under Thai legislation be jointly handled by the partners (part 1476 regarding the Civil and Commercial Code), unless agreed differently in an agreement that is prenuptial. The land cannot become a marital property and therefore it will always be owned and managed by the Thai spouse as a separate personal asset in case of real estate purchase by a Thai national married to a foreigner. (more…)