Trump’s immigrant ‘wealth test’ hurts the economy and undermines the American dream

A large amount of the United States’ most prominent and business that is successful, politicians, musicians and innovators will never have obtained a green card under the Trump administration’s “public charge” rule, which, at the time of Monday, the Supreme Court has made a decision to enable.

The United States has been a place where those who had nothing elsewhere could build a life for themselves and their families for over 240 years. This is certainly, literally, the philosophy that underpins our American that is hallowed dream. And also the country has thrived from an influx of men and women from around the whole world throughout our history. In reality, the original immigrants, spiritual refugees, would probably have failed the Trump wealth test.

The nation has thrived from an influx of individuals from all over the world throughout our history. In reality, the immigrants that are original spiritual refugees, may possibly have failed the Trump wide range test.

Merely place, Trump’s new rules will make our nation weaker. In accordance with the focus on Budget and Policy Priorities, immigrants are incredibly vital that you the economy that is american constantly powering the economy through entrepreneurism, ingenuity and innovation. In 2016, first-generation immigrants started near to 30 % of U.S. (more…)