During this time period, the federal government will probably pay the attention in your loan for you.


You will be able to repay your student loan in accordance with your financial capacity and your family situation, whether the loan was taken out under the Loans and Bursaries Program or the Loans Program for Part-Time Studies if you qualify for the Deferred Payment Plan.

You will never be needed to repay this quantity.

You can use the monthly payment calculation simulator if you want to obtain an estimate of your monthly payment under the Deferred Payment Plan based on your financial and family situations.

The Deferred Payment Plan lets you repay your education loan despite your financial hardships.


Crucial! Your application when it comes to Deferred Payment Arrange is a consignment from you. Should a payment that is monthly required of you once Aide financiere aux etudes has analyzed the job, your standard bank will likely to be immediately notified and certainly will withdraw this quantity from your own account in each one of the 6 months included in the job. (more…)