Asians on the market: Side-by-Side Bird Streets Mansions Sell for Record $70 Million

Even though it’s been whispered about since late final 12 months, two split sources state that a commonly rumored and record-breaking Hollywood Hills real-estate deal will formally shut today. Two side-by-side, shockingly costly brand brand new domiciles on Robin Drive when you look at the Bird Streets community — real ukrainian mail order brides one of these final listed at $52 million, one other at $42.5 million — are now being sold together, in one eye-popping deal, into the exact same billionaire customer.

Considering that the grant deeds have never yet recorded, the purchaser’s identification and exactly how much they’re spending continues to be a mystery that is official unofficially, nonetheless, both sources confirm the crazy rich customer is international and lives in Asia. Plus one source swears stated foreign brand new owner in real question is billionaire Taiwanese electronic devices tycoon Terry Gou, or somebody in the instant family members, and that the Gous are receiving a huge discount on both properties — to your tune of spending “only” an overall total within the $70-75 million range. (more…)