The idea sounds great, but we need to arrive smart and neatly presented in our work attire to clients…
Our bikes are designed with this in mind. They are practical in every sense and include locks, lights, mudguards, and perhaps most importantly in this regard, a fully enclosed chain guard. The enclosed chain guard means it is impossible for suit trousers or skirts to become tangled up and dirtied by the chain – bicycle clips are not required!

How do I work out the ratio of male to female bikes we will need?
You don’t need to. Our bikes come in one frame style, unisex, which offers excellent ease of mounting and dismounting with this step through style of frame.

At the end of the day, riding a bike is hard exercise and I will need a shower and changing room afterwards?
Not true, our bikes adhere strictly to the Dutch Style of bike, which means as well as being completely practical, it seats the rider up straight providing them with good visibility, and a relaxed riding position. This is not like riding a mountain bike or tourer, it is a markedly different experience. On this style of bike you will find it noticeably smoother, more relaxing and a less energy intensive affair than on other types of bikes.

Do we need to order many different sizes of bikes to accommodate all our employees?
This is not necessary. The bikes are not only unisex, but come with quick release adjustments for the seat, meaning they can very quickly be altered by the rider to suit their needs.