Five eco-friendly advertising tips

Big fuel guzzling companies are seen as the bad guys of the business world. They don’t care for the environment, and only ever focus on one thing: making money.

You don’t want your business to be viewed that way, do you?

You want to be synonymous with operating in an environmentally friendly way, so you’ve gone paperless in the office and encourage staff members to adopt green working techniques.

But what about the other areas of your business, like advertising? Are you going green there too? Or are you neglecting your ‘green mission’ in order to enjoy an optimal advertising campaign?

Well a successful campaign can be green too

Here we are going to look at five ways that you can advertise your business, products, and brand without having a negative impact on the environment.

Print with the environment in mind

Every business is going to a require print service at some point. Perhaps you’re holding an event and need to create flyers. Or maybe you’re in need of advertising posters to stick up around the city.

The bottom line is that you’ll need a lot of them. But the environmental impact of paper on the environment is a significant one. Collectively, the damage paper can cause is known as paper pollution. One of the chief problems is deforestation. The consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the past 40 years. 35% of those harvested trees are used in paper manufacture.

So each advertising flyer or poster you create, you’re fuelling paper pollution. Deforestation isn’t the only problem though. Pulp mills also contribute to air, water, and land pollution too.

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up your print advertising efforts. You just need to change your approach.

Most printing vendors offer options to have flyers, business cards, brochures, and posters printed on recycled paper. It costs a little more (and we mean a little!), but it helps reinforce your business as one that makes a conscious effort to care for the environment.

Go for two wheels

An effective way to advertise is to slap your logo on the side of your fleet of vehicles. But it isn’t a green way to advertise. Car pollution is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the UK, so if you’re seen to be driving a lot of cars around, it’ll look bad for a business trying to ‘go green’.

How does car pollution impact our environment?

  • Climate change – Carbon dioxide is a major contributor to climate change. In the UK, road transport accounts for around 22% of our UK emissions of it.
  • Air quality – Vehicles emit nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons – all of which have a damaging impact on the people’s health.
  • Noise – In built up areas, noise pollution is often already a problem. Road traffic noise affects up to 30% of people in the UK.

We know that cars are often the most convenient way for businesses to operate. So why not try investing in hybrid vehicles? It’ll save you money in gas and send a message to customers that you take problems like climate change very, very seriously.

If you operate in a built up city, an excellent alternative are bicycles. Advertising bikes are an effective way to promote your message, without having a damaging impact on the environment.

Business Bikes let you create your very own custom bicycle with logo and your brand colours. We can create as many as you need too. So if you want, your whole business can travel via bike!

Find out more by contacting us here.

Head online

Today, print and direct mail advertising aren’t the only options. The internet is now the best place to go for advertising your business. This is good in for both the environment, and for your budget. There are many companies offer websites for less than a print advertisement now, and an online presence is incredibly important.

In 2014, 38 million adults in the UK used the internet every day. And they often used it to shop. If your business isn’t online you’re going to fall behind!

Social media is also a great way to contact your customers directly.

If your business relies on direct mail, consider swapping that out with email marketing. It’s often equally as effective and doesn’t require any paper.

Choose local

Selecting local vendors and suppliers is an excellent green practice. It means you’re reducing the impact of carbon emissions through long-distance deliveries to your office.

This is even better if your business focus is local. You should let customers know that everything is sourced locally too. People like to know where their products/produce is coming from. And if they know it’s from nearby, they know you’re looking out for the environment.

Donate to the right charities

To support your environmental initiatives, consider making donations to assist a local environmental cause. How does that help you?

It communicates to customers how dedicated you are to helping your environment. And people prefer to shop with businesses they know are actively doing their bit for the environment. Another option is to get customers involved.

For example, for everyone one product you sell, you’ll re-plant a tree. This gives potential customers an incentive to buy, with the knowledge they’re helping the environment too!

You can browse through the available charities in your area here.