How to go green with your commute

Driving to work may seem like the most practical option, however it’s the most harmful to our environment. Take the time to consider some of these other options for your commute so you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment


Get your cycling gear out because one of the best ways to go green with your commute is riding a bike! It’s eco-friendly, carbon-free and it’s quick. On top of all of that, it’s quick too, getting you from A to B without traffic. Plan your route ahead of time, using bike lanes and paths for extra safety, and get that helmet ready for some real pedal power.


Walking – or for the braver of you, running (but only if you have a shower at work) – is a fantastic and free commute. It’s great exercise and really will start your morning off right.


If people at work live in the same area as you, it would be beneficial to the environment and all of your purses to car-share. There’s really no harm in filling out those empty seats in your car, is there? Especially when it’s an effective way to reduce air pollution and share on gas and vehicle expenses.

Public transport

Hopping on a train, a tram or a bus with a load of other commuters is an easy way to get to and from the office, plus, given the amount of cars it will be replacing it’s an easy way to be eco-friendly too. Even if you only take public transport once a week, it can make a huge difference to carbon savings. You can use the free time to read a book any distractions – something you definitely can’t do when driving a car!

Electric car

We understand that it’s not always possible for people to get to work without using a car – we don’t want you to be getting up extremely early in the morning to suffer a two hour bike ride after all. With this, we suggest looking to upgrade to an electric car or limiting your car use. Try not to drive to the shops just don’t the road and get walking instead.

Work from home

If it’s not essential that you are in the office every day of the week, then discuss with your boss about the potential to work at home. Particularly if you suffer a long commute in the car, one or two days where you telecommute would have a number of advantages.