The ultimate guide to making your business green

Every business should be looking at ways to make their work, and their environment greener. It’ll mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier workforce, and it’s often great for profits.
But many business owners think that making their business environmentally friendly is a big job that requires a complete overhaul. When in matter of fact, it’s the small things that count. Introducing bikes like ours is just one step, but here we’re going to show you plenty more.
First though, we’ve put together a quick list of some global warming facts to help show how important going green right now really is. 

  • May and June 2014 were the hottest ever recorded on Earth. And that isn’t a good sign
  • Since 1980 40% of summer sea ice in the Arctic has disappeared
  • Every two years, deforestation destroys enough trees to cover Germany completely
  • Natural disasters are occurring five times more frequently
  • If all ice on Earth were to melt, we’d see sea levels rise by around 230 feet

Here’s Business Bikes ultimate guide to making your business green.
Purchase and use paper wisely
Offices churn through a serious amount of paper day in, day out. It’s sometimes unavoidable. But if your business must use so much, make sure you’re using the right type. Look out for recycle paper that has a high percentage of post-consumer content and minimum chlorine bleaching.
And when you do use your paper, use wisely. Print on both sides, use misprints to take down notes, and if you ship items, use old shredded paper as packaging material.
Go digital
Although business by nature, often use a serious amount of paper, there is an alternative. By digitising forms, files, and documents you’re cutting out paper use. There are countless ways to do this. Whether you choose to make use of Google Drive, Dropbox, or note taking apps like Evernote – it’ll take a while to organise, but means your business is operating paperlessly.
Green lunch
You may think that ordering a takeaway in for your employees once a week is a great way to reward, but ordering in isn’t great for the environment. It usually ends with a mountain of packaging and waste.
Encourage employees to bring in their own lunch, and if they do head out for it, make sure they’re walking.
Dress downs
“How will a dress down day save energy?” we here you ask.
Well one of America’s largest power companies, Eni, decided to save energy and money. They asked employees to dress in lighter and cooler clothing and raised the thermostats by one degree in the summer. They saved C02 emissions equivalent to 140 employees taking public transport for a whole year.
A small thing that went a long way.
Drive electric
Reward employees who are making an effort to go green. For example, Timberland awards employees who buy hybrid or electric cars with prime parking spots.
Commute green
While we’re on the subject of transport we may as well talk of the commute. If at all possible, encourage employees to walk or cycle into work. This may not be possible for all employees, so you should also encourage car shares. Not only will it be better for the environment, but it’s a great way for people from different teams to get to know each other.
You could also purchase bikes for your company. At Business Bikes we create bespoke advertising bikes that can be used by your employees to get to work, and to promote your company. Find out more here.
The workspace
Making your workspace has almost endless possibilities. You could completely redecorate, installing recycled furniture and materials, or just switch out the bulbs for more environmentally friendly options.
Try and get as much natural light into the office as possible. Not only will it mean that you don’t have to have lights and lamps on as often, but it’s better for productivity too!
Think outside the box
Going green in business doesn’t have to be a serious amount of work, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Mix and match ideas from above, implement new procedures, think outside the box. You know what is bad for the environment, so make sure that your business is doing the right thing.