Why You Should Care About Your Business Branding

You may think that all a business brand is is a logo, but you’d be wrong. Your brand represents your entire business’ identity and sets out the expectations your consumers should have of you. Your brand needs to be clearly defined and flow through your entire business, meaning not only do you have a logo, but a specific store design, website and tone of voice for communication, both verbally and written. These will all contribute to the critical first impressions potential consumers will have of your business- whether that consumer is emailing you, calling you, checking out your website or visiting your premises- your brand needs to present the best of your business.

Think big

When you think of the world’s biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola or Nike, you will have a clear image in your head about those businesses. Whilst not every brand will appeal to all consumers, a brand should tell every consumer what the business has to offer, potentially turning it into a household name.

Get feedback

In order to have a successful business, you need to understand what your business is offering and what your consumers expect from you. If your business is trying to be all things to all people, the chances are your consumers won’t engage with you. By getting feedback not only from your current consumers, but past consumers and your employees, you can gain a lot of insights into how your brand is perceived, thus knowing how to improve it and market it.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Brand inconsistency- Consistency is extremely important to building a successful brand. Nobody in your business should ‘tweak’ the logo, change the brand message, and all your employees should use the same tone and language when communicating with your consumers.

A good way to avoid brand inconsistency is to develop a brand guide and train your employees on the brand guidelines. All presentations should be correctly branded and social media accounts must be official.

  • Overpowered marketing departments- Marketing departments should always be heavily involved with the portrayal of your brand, however all employees need to be able to engage with consumers to effectively and consistently communicate the brand.
  • Hiring the wrong people- There can be times when an employee simply doesn’t fit the culture of a company, despite having experience and skills. For example, a car company may not want to hire a marketing director with no interest of cars.

Business Bikes are a great way not only advertise your brand when you’re out of the office, but they will definitely help if part of your brand is projecting an active, healthy and ecologically-friendly business.